After having to cancel our last two productions only three weeks before perfomance and then having to wait a very long two years ACTS finally re-tread the boards with their production, ‘Mixty Maxty III’. Well done to all for working so hard on this show.

Vacancies are available so if you are interested in joining this creative Drama School then get in touch via email at info@acts4u.org.

Stage Fight Workshop

We were able to get a ‘Stage Fight Workshop’ booked and led again by professional fight director, Renny Krupinski. Stage Fighting requires total concentration and discipline. One false move or being one inch out from your target can cause injury as well as shock and an unpleasant surprise for your ‘fight’ partner.

Whats in A Face?

We recently had a very interesting workshop on Masks delivered by Sarat Broughton. Sarat who teaches drama/ theatre and performance skills is not only an accomplished actor but also a national and international LAMDA examiner. Sarat has run workshops for us before and has told us how is is always so nice to work with our students. Sarat is always happy to run workshops for other groups so if you know of anyone who may be interested then you can contact her on 07970412171. others.

ACTS Vacancies

We have started back after half term and can annouce we have vacancies for ACTS.

So if you are 11 years or older and would be interested in joining this friendly, happy and very creative group then get in touch NOW!

We Are BACK!!

ACTS re-started on Saturday the 22nd May.

It was great to see our students returning.

While still being careful we hope to slowly but surely return to normal activities.

Watch this space.

A.C.T.S is re-starting soon!

After many long dark months ACTS will be re-starting. The wheels have been put into motion and we hope to have our start date very soon. We have missed our students and look forward to seeing everyone again.

For more information email us on info@acts4u.org.uk

We will be BACK!

A belated Happy New Year 2021 but a year where there is light at the end of it.

ACTS will be back and hopefully sometime in the very near future and there will be vacancies in both sections.

We may not be fully active as yet but you can still find out more details by emailing at info@acts4U.org.uk

10 Years Strong

Sadly we have not been able to celebrate our 10th Birthday this year however have a look at our special 10th Anniversary Newsletter on the site.

ACTS will be back and will return as soon as it is safe to do so.

Virus Delays Return

Sadly we have been unable to recommence in September as we had wished.

We sincerely hope that we will be back up and running before Christmas!

A.C.T.S will certainly be back at some stage.

Email us at info@acts4u.org.uk for further information.