ACTS Packs a Punch!


ACT II performed the Alan Ayckbourn play ‘Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations’ during the One Act Play Festivals.. Within this play is a boxing scene for which we needed some boxing gloves for it to be safely staged. Many thanks therefore to Stevie Bell from Bells Gym in Altrincham who came to the rescue.  He very kindly not only  donated 2 sets of gloves to the school but also offered a personal training session to any of the students. Recently Madeline Rogerson and Lauren Roberts went to the gym and there trainer Matt Percy put them through their paces. To know more about Bells Gym call 0161 941 4584.


Cuts above the Rest!

ACT I received a visit from Judy Baker from Casualties Union. This charity provides acting and reacting casualties and patients for the medical profession, the emergency services, and those who teach first aid, nursing and rescue. They create the illusion of illness or injury by makeup,  the casualties behave and act with the appropriate posture, facial expression and speech. After explaining the role of the Union Judy ran a Make Up workshop for the students which involved them recreating serious wounds including a severed finger! It was a very interesting experience and one enjoyed by everyone there. For more details about the organisation you can email them at or call 08700 780 590

ACTS Auditions 2019

Date –  SATURDAY the 7th September

Time – 10.30am

Venue –  The  Unitarian Chapel Hall, Sylvan Grove, Altrincham, WA14 4NX

Details – Contact Head Tutor, Valerie Harris at

A.C.T.S Vacancies for September 2019!


Altrincham Creative Theatre School (ACTS) are looking for budding young actors to join their group. ACT I meet on Saturday morning (10.30-12.30) for ages 10-14yrs.

So please SHARE if you know anyone who might be interested. It is great for confidence building and socialising as well as acting.

For more infomation email Valerie Harris on

Bowling For The Hatrick




















17 actors, 2 plays and 1 coach to Glossop. Not quite Wimbledon but
Altrincham theatre group ACTS hit a hat trick of theatre silverware with
their recent Wilmslow and GMDF festival wins.

This was the last opportunity to see two contrasting performances of
classic comedy and old fashioned melodrama. And reality mimics fiction as
Stephen Preston, as Bowler, pips Oliver Dillon, as Silas Snaker, to win
the Best Youth Actor trophy. A sublime performance where Stephen’s
facial expressions were in harmony with the whole cast supporting each

The Junior actors in ‘Hiss the Villain’ had recently won the Syd Mence
Cup for a Piece of Theatre Magic on 15th June at the Wilmslow One Act
Play Festival. They had already taken the Best Production and Best
Performance (by Stephen Preston as Bowler) at the Greater Manchester
Drama Federation 59th One Act festival the previous week.

The Youth section won Best Production and Best Individual Performance
for the comedy ‘Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations’ at Wilmslow, probably
Alan Ayckbourn’s most performed play.

“When you connect to a moment that you won’t forget, that’s theatre
magic … and for a play rather than one actor to be recognised is
really special”, explained director and Head Tutor Valerie Harris. “It
was the opportunity to showcase local young people in a rare genre of
theatre. It was lovely that the packed house responded just like the
Victorian audiences. It’s not pantomime but people can hiss at the
villain and cheer the good guys.”

The Victorian melodrama ‘Hiss the Villain’ delivers exactly what the
title promises. Stephen Preston, as Bowler the repentant clerk, faces
off against the infamous banker Silas Snaker. With fellow actors Oliver
Dillon, Elena Harrison, Sanna Idris, Jennifer Mullally, Adam Passey and
Jake Scott, the audience are taken on a journey of misadventure, plot
twists and unexpected revelations.

Oliver Dillon, as the infamous banker Silas Snaker, is the archetypal
villain whose stage entrance is invariably announced with a pounding
piano track. He has tricked Captain Noble, played by Jake Scott, out of
his life savings which leaves his family penniless. While Jake only has
a cameo part, he does reappear throughout the remainder of the play in a
‘silent’ role.

Valerie added “The atmosphere of the Victorian era is captured with
relevant music, accurate costumes and props. The melodrama sounds
serious but the audience get involved with lots of laughter.”

Jennifer Mullally and Sanna Idris, as Mrs Noble and her daughter Miss
Lucy, provide the emotional back drop to the play with a flood of tears
and self sacrifice. But there is humour too, with a running gag line
which the audience catch onto very quickly.

And help is at hand from Elena Harrison as the son Percy Noble and Adam
Passey as Lucy’s long lost friend Harold. Throughout, the actors meet
the challenge of a split stage scene, breaking the fourth wall and
managing audience participation.

LAMDA Workshop

Altrincham Creative Theatre School was delighted to welcome a special tutor recently. Actor, director and LAMDA examiner Sarat Broughton found time in her very busy schedule to run a theatre workshop for their junior section, ACT I.

The students found the whole morning very  interesting and said it helped expand their dramatic  skills. Sarat said ” I really enjoyed working with this group as they were all very willing to engage in everything . I would be more than happy to come again to work with ACTS”.

Sarat is very happy to provide workshops to other drama societies and theatre groups and works regularly with children and adults alike. You can contact her by emailing or ringing 07970412171.

Up for it!

ACT I website

ACT II website

We have some new students, its going to be another busy year but everyone is up for it, ready to start working and having fun doing it.


The theatre school, A.C.T.S has some places available in both sections this coming year.

Auditions will take place at 10.30am on Saturday the 8th September at the large Unitarian Chapel School Room on Sylvan, off Dunham Road. Altrincham, WA14 4NX, Cheshire.

If you are interested then all prospective students should email Head Tutor, Valerie Harris at for more details.