A Dream Comes True

VOE Press 2

ACT II student, Georgina Dalgliesh has had her dream come true. Georgina, an actress with the Altrincham Creative Theatre School has written a play for her fellow students after having dreamt the plot! ‘Volunteers of Eve’ is an original piece of work which ACT II, the youth section are producing and presenting as their main production this year.  Telling her friends all about it the next day they told she should write it up as a play. Having impressed her tutors with her first draft Head Tutor, Valerie Harris encouraged her to go ahead and work on polishing up her initial story. Several drafts later the play was read, cast and is now in final rehearsals. It is a drama thriller revolving around five men who find themselves abandoned on an island with five women, but are they as innocent as they seem?

The school’s junior section,  ACT II are also performing an original play. ‘Clueless’ was first performed as a one act play back in June 2010 but has now been updated and expanded into a full length play by its writer and director, John Banks. Based loosely on the game, Cluedo it is a murder mystery comedy. The play has all the usual suspects plus a few extra and promises to provide a very entertaining evening.

ACT I will perform their comedy, ‘Clueless’ on Tuesday the 11th and Wednesday the 12th March starting at 7.00pm.‘Volunteers of Eve’ will be performed at North Cestrian Grammar School at the later time of 7.30pm on Thursday the 13th and Friday the 14th of March. Tickets are on sale now. Just call 0161 928 2277 for details.