Comedy with Thrills

Press ACT I + Mayor

Press 1 + Mayor ACT II

Mayor with Georgina

Backstage ACT I + Mayor

Altrincham Creative Theatre School recently successfully performed their two main productions ‘Clueless’, a comedy written by ACTS tutor, John Banks and ‘Volunteers of Eve’, a thriller written by ACT II student, Georgina Dalgliesh at North Cestrian Grammar School. They were delighted to welcome the Mayor of Trafford, Mr Dylan Butt who attended performances of both plays. The Mayor spoke to the casts, tutors and backstage crews and in his address at the end of the performances praised the work that was being done. He was impressed not just by the productions, but the fact that it was apparent that the students had gained in experience which would stand them in good stead for future years.

 Head Tutor, Valerie Harris said “Once again, I was very proud of the students in both productions. The groups had worked extremely hard and demonstrated the depth of talent that we have in the school. My thanks to all the parents and helpers including Josh Edwards. I would also like to once more thank North Cestrian Grammar School for their support and providing the extremely good technical crew of Harvey Bowcock, Henry Cowell and Finlay Woolfson”