The right way to do ‘Wrong Number’

Ashley shows the right way to do 'Wrong Number'

We are once again very busy preparing our entries for the forthcoming One Act Play Festival season which starts next month.

The youth section, ACT II will be performing the thriller, ‘Sorry Wrong Number’ by Lucille Fletcher and is being directed by one of the students Adam Swinton with guidance from Tutor Ashley Foster. Adam, who attends Altrincham Boys Grammar School has not only performed in various productions over the years but has also helped with ACT I and worked backstage.
Head Tutor and director, Valerie Harris commented “This is a new experience for Adam and I am always pleased when students show an interest in other aspects of theatre apart from acting. I hope he will learn a lot from the experience as directing involves having a good rapport with your cast, teamwork and requires a lot of preparation.”
Meanwhile, ACT I, the junior section will be performing ‘Garlic and Lavender’ by Nick Warburton and will be directed by Tutor, John Banks. The play is a comedy and includes every element of the vampire horror genre.