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Wrightsons Props Store dates back to the 1930’s whilst Howorth Theatrical Supplies started in 1968. In 1987 the two firms merged to become Howorth Wrightson’s Ltd and they supply props to theatre, TV and Film companies. Over the years they have become the largest independent props supplier in the North of England. They recently joined forces with Scene Dock and Altrincham Creative Theatre School recently had the opportunity to visit their new premises in Trafford.

Scene Dock’s Warehouse Operation Manger, Loretta Harmer took time out to show around Head Tutor, Valerie Harris and some of her students. She explained how they also now supply whole sets and backdrops and how the thousands of small objects were just as important as large items like furniture. The range of articles available to hire is staggering and one would have no problem finding the right props to help recreating any period in history. The firm has been very busy supplying props for, amongst many others, ‘The Mill’, ‘Tango in Halifax’, ‘The Village’, ‘Our Zoo’, ‘Hugo’, ‘Inspector Banks’ and ‘Vera’

Head Tutor, Valerie Harris said “We are very happy that we could arrange this visit for our students as it gives them another insight into an important part of theatre work. The warehouses are like time capsules of our past! Many actors take props for granted but the correct items are very important in plays in helping to establish a story and place and have to be right!