En Garde!

ACT II with Renny

Altrincham Creative Theatre School’s youth section ACT II was recently delighted to welcome back Renny Krupinski. The school has worked with Renny several times over the last few years when he has run unarmed combat stage fighting workshops for them. On this occasion, he led an advanced fight workshop which involved learning the basics of sword fighting. Renny is an Equity Registered fight director, fight co-ordinator, stunt co-ordinator and fight arranger for some of the most prestigious companies in the entertainment industry. He is one of the top five fight directors currently practising and works not only in theatre but also in the fields of film and TV. 17 students attended this demanding workshop and by the end of the day all had managed to learn the basic fight moves and then perform a simple swordfight sequence.

Head Tutor, Valerie Harris said “I was so pleased that Renny was able to fit us into his busy schedule and that the students were able to work with him again. This sword fight workshop allowed the students to learn a new skill and they all worked so hard so that the fighting at the end, although well choreographed, looked very convincing and dangerous! Renny is a brilliant fight director who communicates well and is very professional in all that he does”

Renny himself remarked that “The ACT II students were committed and serious about what they were being taught. I hope the group enjoyed