2 Awards at G.M.D.F. Play Festival

Liz F & Val ACT II

Cast of Maria Marten ACT II

We are entering again 3 One Act Play Festival’s this year. This is the 1st time we have entered the G.M.D.F One Act Play Festival and we were pleased to be awarded 2 Certificates of Merit. One was gained by Liz Fraser for her role as ‘Dora’ and the other for the whole production of ‘Maria Marten’. WELL DONE to everyone.


A.C.T.S. on the Festival Trail


Above members of ACT I and ACT II in rehearsal.

The One Act Play Festival season starts in earnest this month for Altrincham Creative Theatre School.

ACT I, the junior section will be performing ‘Pandemonium’ by Jonny Arden which is being directed by John Banks. This comedic play is set in Hell and describes the mayhem that occurs when the demons get rid of the Devil!

Head Tutor Valerie Harris is directing ACT II, the youth section, who are tackling the melodrama ‘Maria Marten or Murder in the Red Barn’ by Constance Cox. In this piece villain William Coder seduces innocent Maria merely to have his way with her but when she presents him with a baby. Drastic and tragic measures have to be taken!

The school will be performing at 3 One Act Play Festivals starting at the Greater Manchester Drama Federation Festival at Cheadle which take place on Friday the 10th June. Then they move to the Chelford Festival, performing there on Friday the 17th & 18th June. Finally finishing at the Partington Players Festival in Glossop on the 8th July.