About us

What do we do?

Altrincham Creative Theatre School (ACTS) is a drama school for 11-18 year olds. It is run on a volunteer basis by the Course Tutors and other helpers.  ACTS teaches young people about  many aspects of theatre,  and helps them develop performance skills of all kinds. At our centre is an annual main production, and  together with entering plays into regional drama festivals we are kept busy from September to July. But  we also make time for plenty of fun on the way, with activities from improvisation and (stage) fighting to  street theatre. 

ACTS is for 11-18 year olds and meets 10.30-12.30 on a Saturday morning.

Course Tutors

Our Head Tutor is Valerie Harris.  With fellow Tutors John Banks, Peter Ning and Becky Fitch we have over 35 years of experience between us. We have produced dozens of productions which have won numerous awards.  We are all DBS checked and offer a safe and fun environment.

Valerie Harris

Valerie Harris

Valerie Harris is an accomplished director, actress and composer in her own right. A retired teacher, she taught drama and music in schools for many years. She also taught GCSE Theatre Studies at a local theatre As well as being the Head Tutor of A.C.T.S she is still active in local theatre working with adults and last directed a brand new thriller by Brian Clemens. Valerie also has experience in costume and make up.

John Banks

John Banks

John Banks is an actor, director and writer and has worked with junior, youth and adults for many years. John taught G C S E Theatre Studies and has experience in lighting, sound, music, set design and props. Several plays that the school have performed have been written by him. Like Valerie he continues to be active in local theatre.

Peter Ning

Peter Ning

Peter Ning is the A.C.T.S. Secretary. He is a business writer and project manager with previous experience in marketing and sales. Peter is active in local theatre stage set building and in public speaking. He also stage manages our productions. www.wordynerdy.co.uk


Becky Fitch

Becky joined with us when she was 7 years old  and stayed with us until she was 19 when she went off to University. Becky is a primary school teacher and still feels very passionately about acting and all that comes with it. Becky has performed in a handful of plays since finishing her degree as well as directing a main production.

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