Heaven & Earth







Disappointing audience numbers for this years main productions which was a great shame after all the hard work put in by the students of A.C.T.S. However, those who did come were treated to two very good comedies. A new venue this time challenged our actors but they all coped very well with it. WELL DONE to one and all and thank you to all who helped backstage and front of house.



Well Made Up!

This year we had not one but two Theatre Make Up Workshops, one for each section and we invited back Charlote Hemming and her assistant, Hannah Dawson to run these for us. Once again, the students were all issued with tissues, sponges, make up sticks and make up. With guidance from the two make up artists they begin to apply cuts, grazes, gashes and black eyes to themselves and each other! ACT II was shown how to work with latex to produce prosthetics. After moulding their wounds they painted them and then glued them into place. They also worked on ageing themselves up which produces some very interesting results.


New Home for ACT II

After 7 happy years at North Cestrian School ACT II have had to leave as the school has started a major rebuilding programme which is expected to take up to two years to complete. We are delighted to say that they have found a new home at the  Jubilee Community Centre in Altrincham. The photograph above shows Centre Manager, Katrina Parkinson welcoming Head Tutor, Valerie Harris and some of the students of ACT II to their first meeting.

2017 One Act Play Festival Winners

Georgina 's Award

Ex-ACTS student Georgina Dalgliesh won the award for Best Author and Director of an original play. She wrote ‘Art is in the Eye of the Beholder’ which was performed at all the festivals by ACT II.

ACT I winners

Seen here with Head Tutor Valerie Harris are Jamie Bennett who gained a Certificate of Merit as Best Actor for his role as ‘William Shakespeare.’ Plus Lydia Ridgway who was awarded a Certificate for her role as ‘Queen Elizabeth I’ in the same play. At the Wilmslow Festival Lydia went one better and won the Best Junior Actress award.


One Last Time!

ACT I in ‘Oh Mr Shakespeare!’

ACT II Cast with their Director in ‘Art is in the Eye of the Beholder’

Having already entered two One Act Play Festivals both sections of ACTS will be performing their plays for the last time at the Partington Players One Act Play Festival. This is being held at their theatre in Glossop on the 6th July.

ACTS premieres more Success!

WEb picture                                                      Mayor Judith Lloyd with ACT II.

ACT I PR with Val

Head Tutor, Valerie Harris with ACT I.

Offical PR ACT II

‘ACT II – ‘Wine on the Rug’ Cast.

More success for ACTS students when they chose two brand new plays to perform as their main productions this year. ACT I performed ‘The Play Will Go On!’ written by J. F. Banks while ACT II performed ‘Wine on the Rug’ by Christopher Bennett. Not only were the plays well received but our guest of honour the Mayor of Trafford, Judith Lloyd was very impressed and praised highly both the play and cast. Well done to the casts and everyone front and back stage for all their hard work.

ACTS presents Mystery & Laughter!

ACT II’s production ‘Wine on the Rug’ is a drama comedy written by ACT II student Christopher Bennett. It concerns Hubert Bose who lives in a great big manor housesurrounded by a motley crowd of hangers on. Life trundles on as best as possible until that is, a murder is committed. Secrets are revealed as the bodies start to mount up but who is killing off people and for what reason?

ACT I’s production ‘The Play Will Go On? is a play about an amateur drama group who lose their director via a freak accident. A new director is found but who decides to ditch the present play. Instead she is going to direct a completely different production she wrote herself. It’s a completely new experience for the group but can they make it a success and still keep their dignity?

Book now for two excellent evenings entertainment!!

ACT I’s ‘Horrible Christmas’


Photograph above shows some of the members of ACT I with Head Tutor, Valerie Harris and Tutor, Peter Ning.

It may have been long overdue but ACT I managed to get to the theatre to watch the production ‘Horrible Christmas’ which was being performed at the Lowry Theatre. We had wanted to take a group picture outside but it was raining too hard for us to do this. A good time was had by all the only downside being that not all of our studests were able to come. So for our next theatre visit, wherever it may be, we are hoping for a ‘Full House’!